My item sold Again!!!

Posted: June 15, 2008 in perniagaan online
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hi ,

Quite a log time i never write here , Busy right now , so , i want to share to all my friends here that my item (ingot) was sold again !! Again!! . Thanks to mr ***** that bought from me . Even i not selling much item on ebay , but it still progress on my selling.

Another ingot money was sold like a ingot last time but it little bit deference . The buyer is a collector from outside malaysia . I’m very happy on my selling . Not much , i sold around 180 usd . It shown at photo here or u can get from this link   ingot

I think for those who want to making money like ebay , should have unique item or demand item , so u can selling more on ebay. Maybe in future i will selling more like this ingot money.

That all for now .. hope u can make money online more than me now . Any idea what kind of best item selling on ebay ? someone ? ..


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