My collection for Coin & Banknotes

Posted: May 14, 2008 in perniagaan online
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hi there ,

early this morning my friend and i get new ingot collection somewhere. It is a nice collection with a shape of animal . I think this ingot from 16 century also , in my opinion la. I’m very happy with this ingot , but for sure it not for SALE right now 🙂 .

My interest in this collection coin & banknotes was inspire by my friend that was have a lot of collection within 25 years. It was a huge collection . For your attention herewith i post a photo at my collection.

that call ingot from 16 century . and below ingot shape from animal or species fish

and then

okey , that all from today , will post more . Any suggestion or comment on this post ? about coin & ingot , please post here :).. i will continued for my gold coin after this    ..

  1. Very unique collections and I have never seen anything like that before..

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